10 Seconds Vich Kuri Nu Fsa Leya

Posted in Prank

It is so refreshing to watch something involving a dozen Hooters girls. When they are in the video being challenged by a prankster dude, it can’t get better. The challenge involved the Hooters girls in Santa Cruz area. As their commercial suggests Hooters girls are fun, flexible and friendly. They can smile straight for hours together. This video was uploaded to YouTube by Bro Factor channel. The guy challenges several Hooters girls to stand on one leg for ten seconds. If they win, they get to slap the guy. If they lose, they have to kiss him.

The guy has every reason to cheat in this ridiculously easy challenge. He gets a kiss from these hot women, who wouldn’t shy away from giving a mouthful. He would also avoid the embarrassment of getting slapped. How does he go about cheating in the challenge? It’s too simple. He just pushes them before he counts to ten. The girls don’t feel annoyed getting cheated on what should be a fair challenge. They give the prankster sensual and passionate kisses which long a few seconds.

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