Aa Kudi Vi Kisse To Ghat Nahi

Posted in Comedy

This is another item in the #fame video playlist. It’s a video that features the female lead mocking men. She has chosen to mimic the negative side or just the unpleasant men for most part. In all honesty the female lead has dismissed any possibility of men being nice. In reality, most men behave gentle in front of ladies. The reason why she has cherry picked the oddities remains to be known. It is hard to even imagine spending time with the kind of males, the video chose to portray.

The very first portrayal was over the top. It was the stereotypical loud gamer who shouts from top of his lungs once he gets glorious in PC games. Then, comes the rowdy Romeo who ogles at people like crazy and pass crude comments. Fortunately it wasn’t overdone by following it with a hound dog like follow-up.  The hygiene department was taken care of by the avatars of nose picker and ear picker. The insensitive dudes were put to shame by avatars who never know to not pick items from someone else plate. The ‘chai choor’ or tea thief looked realistic than most avatars. The final one was the ultimate and deservedly enjoyed the grand final appearance.

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