Aa Ta Sirra Hogaya..Banda Dekhda Reh Giya

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The latest video capturing giant alligator in Florida golf course has gone viral. Massive would be the word to describe this reptile. Memes comparing it to scenes from Jurassic Park are already trending. It’s hard to imagine an alligator as big as this strolling across golf course. Our instincts would question the authenticity of this video. The gator’s high walk is characteristic of giant reptiles. Experts have said the alligator could be anywhere between 12 to 14 foot long. While digging upon the video and related interviews, we learn it is 100% real. The manager of the club claims to have seen it several times. Even the video uploader Charles Helms though he was being pranked. The giant gator reportedly lives in a reservoir in the golf playing area.

The video has been shared on the Golf.com official channel. The video has brought back memories of the buffalo creek alligator video. The big lingerer has had a lot of attention now. However he isn’t the largest reptile to be recorded across a golf course. Alligators 3 foot larger than this were recorded in the past. Coming to this video, it made for some pleasant watching. A few nervous moments were present since the alligator could have run towards the player anytime.

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