Chandigarh Diya Sharabi Kuri Da Haal Dekho

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The laws in Indian are skewed towards women. Even at their worst behavior in public, they don’t risk getting beaten up. Laws make them capable of challenging the cops, thus the execution of law itself. Without discussing more about the tricky area, we would go straight into this ugly incident. It involves two drunken women, cops, traffic disturbance and public nuisance. Two women, who are terribly drunk attempted to drive their scooter in public. One of them isn’t complete off physically, but her mental state is in a state of bother. The other lady is in no position to sit and travel in a two wheeler.

The crowd got enough of this and forces the women to travel in an auto-rickshaw. They seem concerned for the women’s safety. Obviously the woman who still stands and speaks doesn’t appreciate the concern. The cops arrive in a few minutes to get things straight. The ladies don’t seem to respect the law. They were hell bent on doing things their own way. The cops were even pushed around by one of the women. The crowd was shocked to see such a brazen act by the woman. This type of video has frequented the social media, making us wonder do our societies travel the right path.

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