Dekho Desi Banda Kuriya Nu Kidda Set Karda

Posted in Prank

Are women sure of their preferences at everything? Do they know about the pickup lines that are going to work on them? This is a social experiment video on pick-up lines. Firstly we have a female interviewer ask girls at the club a few questions. The question that’s singularly made important is ‘Which pick up line would work on them?’ Once they let the secrets out, an interesting scene follows. The male lead asks them out with the pickup line they told the interviewer. Would the girls find it creepy considering the timing or would they be pleased to be hit on with favorite pick-up line?

Some lines were generic enough to pass as a real time pick up line. Some were peculiar and when it was repeated, the girls looked fishy. Most of them enquired if the guy was copying the line from the interview. The interviewer Jade Seah made sure to highlight the pickup line question. Thus the girls did feel it to be a weird Deja vu effect or just a trap. Believe it or not, Ministry of Funny is famous in Singapore. Few people recognized their team resulting in prank fails. Click the video link below to enjoy this cute video.

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