Dekho Ena Kudiya Naal Ki Keeta

Posted in Prank

He surely has a knack for getting the shocking reactions from his victims. The comical part comes when he gets shocked while hearing them scream. Who else other than Fousey could think of the hover board prank? He would be a bratty son, annoying friend and an amazing YouTube artist. His passion is showcased here again in the Escaped Prison Prank. Does he have to take it this serious? It’s beyond us, but we can assure you there would be plenty of laughs to go with this clip.

The prank is built up by a cop mentioning to apartment residents about an escaped criminal on the loose. No prizes for guessing who the criminal is. It’s obviously our likable jerk Fousey. The clip was a compilation of the same prank with different victims. In few cases he pretended to attack the fake cop to build up tension. He used the scream tactics to create a knee jerk scared reaction from victims. No one would like to be a victim in any of the Fousey’s pranks. The prank happens in a parking lot of apartment. Thus the ambience is just perfect for a scary prank as this one. Don’t miss the ending. It’s no Ferris Bueller, but it’s worth something.

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