Dekho: Indian Muslim Vande Mataram Kyon Nahi Bolde

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Vande Mataram would loosely translate as ‘praise you, mother’. Understandably mother means motherland in this context. However few religious principles would deny people from praising any entity other than the almighty. Such is the case of Islam, which strictly states Muslims must bow down to Allah alone. This is why Muslims have divided opinion on saying the words – ‘Vande Mataram’. Here we have two concerned souls out there to know what stand Muslims actually have on this. Like we discussed, the Muslim populace have divided opinions and genuine reasons to back it up too.

Save for the religious types, Muslim youths have no problem saying Vande Mataram. Regardless of whether they say the words or not, everyone roots for India wherever possible. Uttering words of such deep meaning isn’t as easy as a punch line. They are based on principles, policies and even depend on way of life. Sensitive and controversial topics would follow up with more repeating in future. A lot would depend on how we approach such areas. Only proper understanding would help secularism to prevail.  The Muslims in the video are colorful and spirited, though it was some serious topic in discussion. The message intended to be conveyed is used for ending in this amazing video.

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