Dekho: Mumbai Vich Eh V Hunda…

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Indians aren’t too conservative anymore. We have come till a point where we discuss about one night stands openly. It should be a huge improvement from overly conservative state, 2-3 generations back. Random people in Mumbai are asked to share their opinion about one night stand. Only a very few have a crystal clear understanding of one night stand. Some were way too naive to think one night stand and sleepovers are the same. The ones, who understood it, got some serious opinions about it. Everyone have their priorities between safety as well as emotional and cultural aspects.

Few other questions were also asked to random public interviewed. The topic of how both genders approach each other for building a relationship was discussed too. People had to reason their stands on camera too. A few alternatives were discussed considering the case when you can’t have the opportunity of one night stand. Consequences and precautions associated with one night stand were also discussed.

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