Dhoni Ne Siraa Laa Ta

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From flashy stumping’s to hare like running between wickets, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is so crisp at everything. Even trickiest tasks like dealing with press interviews aren’t his weakness. He has kept his cool through the thick and thin of his team’s fortunes. A question which media seems to pop up every time the captain cool sits in a press conference is about his retirement. MSD is bored and even the public is bored, but the media isn’t bored of asking the question, countless times. One would have thought, following the semifinal loss to West Indies, it should have come as a hard-hitting question. However this time, Dhoni made sure to put an end to all the speculations.

When asked if he wants to continue in cricket after achieving everything at this stage now, he called up the reporter to sit adjacent to him. He was sorely disappointed at the reporter not being an Indian media guy. He asked the reporter whether he wants the captain to retire. When the reporter said no, Dhoni asked the reporter if he think the captain cool is fit. The reporter could only nod. When asked how quick the captain runs, the media guy confessed he is impressed. The final question following all this, revealed MSD’s plans about retirement. Watch the video throughout to know about Captain Cool’s retirement plans.

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