Ede Naal Dekho Ki Hunda

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Liberte Chan, KTLA’s meteorologists have the perfect love hate relationship with the channel’s fan base. Though people like her weather report presentation, her dressing style was hugely considered unorthodox. Revealing clothes never made her fit into the required professional mold. She almost destroyed the reputation of the news channel unintentionally. This time, she was doing the report like typical herself would. That would include revealing black tops. The co-anchor told her to cover up during the live coverage. He even offered her a coat out of courtesy. When Chan looked surprised, he replied saying they ‘have been getting a lot of emails’.

Though it clearly represents the co-anchor and the channel’s way of taking away some liberties, Liberte Chan herself suggested otherwise. She denied any such claims by declaring it as a joke by her co-anchor. She admitted to have played along too. The viewer base is currently divided into two factions one supporting the dressing liberty and the other favoring dress codes for news. The point where both factions agree on the same thing is on why did this happen in live coverage. They felt, no one should have told a lady to cover up on live television. Anyways, the video has gotten her more and more popular.


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