Ehnu Panga Laina Bahut Menga Pya (OMG!!)

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This is a prank extremely gone wrong kind of clip. Making a grumpy, arrogant rich man, the rear of your joke doesn’t always end pleasantly. Before you prank someone like crazy, make sure he doesn’t possess serious weapons. This ‘prank was laid on a dangerous rich guy. He tazered the hell out of the prankster, when he appeared vulnerable. If you happen to own a Lamborghini and see someone pooping on it, you would probably do the same. The only twist was, the fake poop used in this prank, which wasn’t communicated to the victim in timely manner.

The video is uploaded by ‘Viral brothers’ a reputed YouTube channel.The video could pass well as a commercial for fake poop manufacturing company. The Lamborghini owner cut past these two pranksters a while ago. They wanted to get back at him with this prank. When he parked his Lamborghini and went inside a shopping mall, the prankster placed prop on the car’s exterior. The prankster stays near the car till the owner arrives to make it look like he crapped on the car. He goes to the extent of wiping and throwing toilet tissue roll on the car. One can understand, the owner would be angry. But to guess, he would have a tazer gun is never easy.

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