Es Bande Naal Dekho Ki Hunda

Posted in Sports

This clip would fit into a lot of categories easily. Call it a sports accident or an animal attack or anything you like. Such a fierce animal attack happening at live sports event made it special. The animal happens to be the raging shark at seas. It would provide reminiscence to Jaws movie series. As a sport event it was a lovely watch, considering the sport is surfing. It was a neck to neck surfing where professional were gaining every inch on speed and form. Out of nowhere, the villain with fins appeared in mid seas. The contestant punched, kicked and eventually stormed out of the devil’s way.

The commentary team was commenting about their worries regarding to what’s happening live. The rescue team was dispatched within seconds stopping it from getting into a bloody affair. Those minutes of nervous fun was followed by an interview with the athlete who barely escaped his death. Had it for the lifeboat and towing from the rescue team, someone else would have told the story on his behalf.

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