Es Chorni Da Dekho Ki Haal Keeta Gya

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African Americans have a nasty reputation to hold. When they run a store, you should never have ideas of stealing items. This lady learns the lesson, in the hardest way possible. She was forced into a boxing match literally. This was exactly when the hell broke loose to the thief’s agony. Can she dig it? She certainly can’t.  If you expect a comedic diversion in this video, you won’t have it. The thief, who is both culprit and the victim, gets no redemption here. She is in fact cornered and helpless in the aftermath of a petty theft.

The women practically walked in into harsh realities of hood, though the shopping complex didn’t look like one. The thief was allowed to perform her tricks while everything was recorded on cams. They waited to catch her red handed after days of notice. When she tried to walk away with stolen goods she was stopped rudely. When she talked back harshly and tried to storm out of the building, the action unfolded. Her bag was snatched from her and she was forcibly stopped. When she walked away a few steps she was given a pounding by a well build female athlete. Though, the store manager wanted to calm things down, the man recording all this had no regrets.

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