Ethe Ta Kuch Vakhra Hi Hogaya

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Good manners in public would include no grunting too. We have been taught the same from childhood. A tennis player forgets the lesson, which cost him a crucial point in his sets. We absolutely know who you are thinking about. It isn’t the grunting star Monica Seles. It’s a male athlete this time. Robin Haase has become the latest fan of the grunting ethos. When playing Gonzala Lama, who happens to grunt in acceptable levels, the Dutch star wanted to mock him even louder. His intentional grunting and yelling lost him a point when the set was poised on 6-3.

There is every bit of vagueness in a tennis rule book. The umpire has astounding authority over who gets the point. For instance, why would Haaze lose a point for mock grunt while Lama grunts like squatting 600 pounds every time and escapes with no penalty? It would be fair to say Haaze lost the point for unsportsmanlike behavior. In a proper tennis fan’s view, the umpire’s decision should be such a travesty. Anyway who can penalize the umpire on basis of the penalty? For Haaze things went downhill from there, costing him a loss in opening round of French open.

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