Hairaan Hi Karta Sabh Nu

Posted in Prank

Only a team 100% committed to YouTube, would upload an ugly prank video like this one. The prank was about dyeing a friend’s hair pink, when he’s drunk. Things got out of control when the victim wakes up and try to come in terms with the hair color transformation.

The entire video is shot with a handycam, therefore you can expect few shakeups. It all starts rosy when a group of three, drinks happily. One amongst them is set up and made too drunk. When he is drunk like fish, his friends die his hair color pink. The shock awaits him till the time he wakes up and sees it for himself. When he had the unwanted sight at mirror he screams on his lungs. The poor lad is grumpier knowing this was done for just some internet activity. What follows doesn’t happen positively for him or his friends. There is a reason why you should always keep it within the limits.

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