Husband Hires Woman To Beat Wife

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How terrorized would a middle aged woman feel when her husband sends a bouncer to beat her at her workplace? This is exactly what happens in this footage. If that’s any relief, the hired bouncer happens to be a female too. It is understood the assault began without any threats made beforehand. The husband clearly wanted to hurt his wife physically.

Neetu Singh is the director of the Paramount Coaching institute, Delhi, in which her husband is the major proprietor. Their martial bond hasn’t been strong as off late with their divorce case filed and pending in Court. When Neetu visited the center to meet her husband, she was not only stopped by the lady bouncer, but was assaulted as well. The husband says he has hired the bouncer because her wife threatened to take out her frustration on other teachers. When the assault was on, no staff or student in the institute tried to stop it. When a friend of Neetu Singh tried to calm things downs she was shooed away by lady bouncer.

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