India Da Haal Dekho – Gareeb Di Koi Kadar Nahi

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There are a few things most of us don’t seem to understand. When it comes to moral knowledge we are just blank. One amongst the commonly occurring dilemma is who you should help. Should you help the needy or some random person who looks decent to you? This social experiment goes on to reveal the answers people provided through their actions. The experiment involves pretending to fall down as a handicapped person and expecting people to help you get up. The twist comes in the form of difference between two people who try to pull off this trick. First person to do it look posh and the other one does look like a labor class person.

The women are more comfortable helping someone who is well dressed. It’s understandable, but the way men ignored the poorly dressed handicapped person was disturbing. People are under the impression that well dressed people are also well mannered. It’s not a weakness, but that’s just how many minds work. There are a few positives we can take from the incident. In fact there was only one. The poorly dressed person was helped by someone at the end. If this video meant something to you, offer help to the ones who need it the most.

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