Jado Kudi Ne Gaddi Vich Sher Rakhya..

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It’s a good thing to help someone, right? You’re walking along the boulevard outside your favorite supermarket and find a person with crutches who has dropped a few of his items that he’s just procured at the supermarket. Any good person would want to go help him and hold his groceries while walking him to his car. I am not kidding; I’d do it too.But then you reach the person’s car and find a full-sized Bengal tiger just casually sprawled across the back all the while gnawing at the car seats.

What would you do? I know for a fact that I’d start shi**ing bricks within seconds. I swear, I kid you not! Take a look at what these unknowing Samaritans experienced, when they saw themselves right in the middle of the above scenario.

Our favorite pranksters on YouTube – Jeana & Jesse are back with another amazing prank on their YouTube channel PrankvsPrank. And this time, the ultimate Prank-master – Vitaly, joins them. They take turns walking in crutches and purposely dropping their groceries, while innocent bystanders volunteer to help them and find themselves face-to-face with a larger than life tiger. Hilarity ensues!

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