Kaali Janani Di Gwandiya Naal Ladai

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Having a bad neighbor can make you smarter by the day. These two white gents were about to be attacked by an African American woman. If not for the video recording device separating the woman and these gents, there would have been a bloodbath. She was viciously attacking them for the first two or three seconds of the video. Sensing the ongoing video recording, she changed her tone thereafter. She wanted to make it look like they were harassing her in the recording. She tried her hardest to play the victim, though it’s easy to make out who is bad.

The men wanted no trouble from her and told her not to approach them. As they tried to be polite, they were just called names. They were calling the cops while shooting this video. The woman desperate wanted them both to stop recording her. She claimed they had no permission to record anybody. The men claimed it was legal since its public property. The woman made inappropriate comments on these middle aged gentlemen, not worth repeating. These days recording incidents makes it safe for every party involved. It serves as an evidence to protect the innocent at all times. Without much ado, click this link below to watch the video.

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