Kudi Ne Paise Vaste Haan Karti…

Posted in Prank

It’s another gold digger prank with India as its location. What more would you need to consider this a fun watch. Just because it’s a gold digger’s prank, it wouldn’t mean the prankster has deep seated hatred for women. Neil is his usual ‘cool as cucumber’ self in this prank too. He breezes into a lonely girl in a park and start a conversation. He comes off hitting at her in a less cheesy manner. He asks for suggestions on finding a coffee shop in Delhi. The girl tries to get him away by giving generic suggestions. She is in no mood to flirt with a complete stranger in the park.

Neil acts pushy by asking her to accompany him, since he is new to the city. When denied straight away, he tries to get her phone number. This chick doesn’t want to have any business with the prankster until his friend Prasanth comes to the rescue. Prasanth acts like a worker for Neil, lying about parking a fake Audi car. Neil tips him what would equal Prasanth’s salary. The victim instantly buys into this show off. She now agrees to go with Neil and even shares her number with him. Neil signs off to the girl by saying he doesn’t dig gold diggers one bit.

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