Kudiya Naal Kalola Dekho

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Hola ladies! We are sure all of you must have been hit, cat called or whistled at quite a lot of times in school, at the gym, at parks and public places. And guys, how do you all react when a sizzling hot and a super gorgeous babe passes by you? A little and healthy flirting is always harmless as long as it is not perverse and doesn’t hurt anyone in any way. The video shows the different stereotypes of hitting on girls. It encompasses tons of cheeky pickup lines. The church boy stereotype trick would almost always work. Watch this video and let us know your funny and embarrassing flirtatious moments.

Some creepy proposals were down right funny. The reaction from the girls speaks volumes about how each stereotype is looked at. The lead artist has put up loads of work to come up with this cheeky video. Watch the clip to know to impersonate stereotypes and fake an accent real easy. It also shares some cool ideas on how to flirt and hit on some of the hottest girls in town. Single men would absolutely love to hear them. Stay tuned with us for more awesome and super fun videos.

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