Leopard Naal Dekho Ki Hunda

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The sight of leopard raising hell in Vibgyor School, Bangalore is still fresh in our memories. Here we have a leopard caught on cam in its pathetic state, needing help. It’s definitely a story of being at the wrong place in wrong time. A leopard had its head stuck inside a utensil with a converging opening. The fastest feline on the planned looked fish out of water when his vision was blocked by the utensil. People were more daring to go near the feline when this happened. The fastest cat didn’t mean any harm in this encounter. For fact, it would have wished to escape the utensil at all costs.

The leopard roaming free yet with its head on a utensil was subsequently tranquilized. After being tranquilized it behaved like a domesticated cat. The authorities had it sleeping so calm like a cow. It’s amusing to see how these dangerous felines behave when they are being handicapped. This incident happened somewhere in North India and the folks loved all the attention. Oddly the star of the party didn’t like attention one bit. Watch this video to enjoy seeing the scenes that took place. Feel free to criticize the people who decided to help and also the people who didn’t.

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