Politician’s Rape Attempt Caught On Camera

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It’s just another dirty perverted man in Authority. Another ‘caught in the act’ video. The panchayat head of Maddur Taluk, Mandya in Karnataka has allegedly forced a coworker into sex. She was a fourth grade employer who reports to the esteemed rank of the panchayat head. The accused called her into office without any purpose. Without knowing about the plans of the predator, she visited him in office. This is when he tried to sexually assault this poor woman inside four walls. She tried her hardest to escape the area as swiftly as possible. The perverted panchayat head was in no mood to subdue.

Without showing any regards to her pleas, he hugged her and picked her in his arms. With the mightiest of her efforts, the lady ran to workers area. She had no hesitation in informing them about the ugly incident that happened. The workers demanded for the CCTV footage and caught the culprit red head. The mob took it upon their hands to punish the perverted officer. They thrashed him for all he deserved and handed him to the police. They further demanded his resignation. Charges have been filed under all applicable sections of Indian Penal Code.

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