SHOCKING: Bridge Falls Apart In India

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The Bridge Collapse managed to take toll of 21 lives and made more than 200 people injured. The incomplete construction created massive debris, causing immersive damage to a busy road. The video caught during the time of its impact is just shocking to watch. We can clearly see too many auto rickshaws, cars and trucks and mainly people beneath it. The calamity couldn’t be categorized either as natural or man-made till now. The causes of this unfortunate event could be attributed to negligence alone. The cars were allowed to travel in this incomplete construction for one-way only.

To everyone’s surprise, the sickening moments during the time of impact was caught on cam. The impact lasted hardly between 10-20 seconds and such is the length of the clip. You can clearly witness the busy traffic preceding the bridge collapse. The more you see the clip, the more you can’t help feel sad for the victims. The dust that’s created after the collapse happened, speaks volume of its impact on the ground. Include the victim’s family and friends in your prayers as an act of humanity.

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