Tirange Naal Dekho Ki Keeta

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Some challenges can be the hardest at mental level, though being a cakewalk in physical sense. One such challenge or dare would be to tear up one’s nation’s flag. Several youth are presented with this tricky as well as demeaning challenge. The reward is as much as a few hundred bucks. The challenge demands contestants to tear up Indian national flag. To make it worse, they have to do it on camera. The material is just paper with feeble plastic foil, thus feels easy to tear. The only catch would be to deal with the sentimental value attached to flag.

People were initially confused, why they even came up with such a game. They can’t reason the logic behind tearing up our own flag. People of all classes, communities and religions, shared the exact same feeling. Though no one could exactly reason why the flag is important, they have their own reasons to why it is important. Though the prankster could not get the perfect answer they wanted, people were still patriotic on their principles. In the end, the motive of this prank is revealed. It is about the awareness on why you shouldn’t throw the flags on road after independence or republic day is over.

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