Gandi Jubaan Es Janani Di – Woman’s Racist Rant

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Racism is far from being over, at least in some parts of the world. This American woman with no class, insulted an African American in what looks like a parking lot adjacent to store front. This unfortunate racism event happened in Cheektowaga, New York. The victim, an African American male videotaped all of this and uploaded on YouTube. All the fault of his that accounted for the racist swearing was starting his car in from of some white kids. The mom considered it an insult, for an African American to do that. It’s a horribly racist world we live in.

The footage starts with mild music playing on a car. The man inside the car, understandably an African American complains on a white mom about making her kids cursing at him. The woman isn’t happy when her kids were mentioned. She is on the phone with her husband telling him to “talk to this F***in nigger”. She is going hyper over the fact, he’s video recording everything. The woman has no hesitation to pass crude racist comments at the victim’s face. She goes on to claim she can have the cops beat him up if she strips. She curses openly and very loudly in from the store. She threatens to spill the coffee at him, if he doesn’t leave. The man in the car closes his windows and tells us about the racist environment, he has to live in.

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